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intravenous cannulation
task trainer (iv hand)

great for basic iv training

what it is

Our IV hand trainer. With realistic flashback and wrist movement.

Made out of prosthetic grade, soft silicone and 3D printed parts. Cost effective and easy to set up.

use it to teach:

  • intravenous cannulation

  • venipuncture

  • iv infusion

main features


made using real data

our IV hand has extremely realistic look due to use of photogrammetry data.

hand-made with attention to details

Each task trainer is made out of highest quality materials and carefully checked before shipping.


2 veins

We used the most popular bleeding system with latex tubing (easy to buy and replace) simulating dorsal metacarpal veins.


You can see if you reached the vein due to flashback of blood into the cannula chamber

stable base

No more fake arms rolling all over the table. A stable base makes our trainer easier to use.

additional features

easy to repair

saline flush

easy to use


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