Free 3D models featuring molds for silicone casting, frequently updated.

They are saved in 3MF format and can be opened in most 3D printer slicer software (like Cura or PrusaSlicer).

coming soon - simple intubation trainer. for basic training, demonstrations and familiarizing learners with the anatomy of adult airways. files and 3d printing/casting instructions are going to be shared with our subscribers on 1.12.2022 and uploaded on the website 2 weeks later


wound packing trainer molds. To use in catastrophic bleed management courses. Simple and easy to print.

Moulage molds. special effects makeup to replicate different types of wounds and medical skin conditions. Can be printed without supports and require no post-processing.

if you want to create your own moulage wounds, you can use our base models as a starting point. click here to download them and here to watch a short tutorial on how to design them using free software.