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tourniquet application
task trainer

teach proper tourniquet use

what it is

Our Tourniquet application task trainer.

Simple and effective. Realistic and functional.

use it to teach:

  • tourniquet application

  • improvised tourniquets

main features


made using real data

Both external and internal elements of the arm were designed using mri data.

hand-made with attention to details

the arm is both functional and highly detailed. There are three bleeding points in the place of brachialis, superior ulnar collateral and profunda brachii arteries.

adjustable flow

the Blood flow speed can be easily increased or decreased.


the arm is attached to a stable, yet flexible base to mimic a shoulder joint movement.


The task trainer is quick and easy to set up.

additional features

for both wet and dry

easy to clean

adjusted to 3 windlass rotation to stop the bleed


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