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airway management
task trainer (head)

simple, versatile, easy to use

what it is

Our airway management task trainer, 

for intubation training and more

Made out of 3D printed and silicone cast parts. Strengthened with power mesh in multiple places inside the airway and the mouth area. Anatomically correct.

use it to teach:

  • intubation algorithms

  • laryngeal anatomy

  • mask ventilation

  • the use of different laryngoscopes and supraglottic devices

  • nasal intubation

main features

made using real data

to make sure that our airway management trainer reflects real anatomy, we used MRI data and photogrammetry files in the design process.

hand-made with attention to details

every task trainer we make goes through diligent quality control.

realistic landmarks

landmarks include:

true and false vocal cords, posterior cartilages, epiglottis, interarytenoid notch and more

adjustable difficulty

the intubation difficulty can be easily adjusted (grades 1 to 3 in

Cormack-Lehane scale)

stiff neck

To make the training even more demanding, you can limit the neck mobility.

additional features

bimanual laryngoscopy

scissor technique
mouth opening

inflatable lungs

easily replaceable parts

heavy head
(fill it with sand)


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