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control the bleed
task trainer

wound packing, tourniquet application,

neck bleeding control 

what it is

Our control the bleed task trainer. Realistic and functional. With adjustable difficulty.

Made out of prosthetic grade silicone and 3D printed parts. Can be used for both wet and dry training. The blood flow speed can be easily adjusted.

use it to teach:

  • wound packing

  • hemostatic devices application

  • tourniquet application

  • improvised tourniquets

  • itClamp application

  • using a foley catheter to stop the bleeding in the neck area

main features

hand-made with attention to details

Each wound was carefully copied from real-life examples.


bleeding neck

compatible with ITClamps and Foley catheters

adjustable blood flow

The blood flow speed can be easily adjusted to the training needs.


stable base

We added a stable base that mimics a shoulder joint to make the training more realistic.

hand-made with attention to details

There are three bleeding points in the tourniquet application arm in the place of brachialis, superior ulnar collateral and profunda brachii arteries.


Box contents

what you get with our task trainer:

  • wound packing arm

  • tourniquet arm

  • bleeding neck

  • fluid container & tubing

  • absorbent cloth

  • silicone pad

  • USBwith instructions

  • carry bag

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