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task trainer

simple and easy to use

what it is

Our catheterization task trainer. Quick to set up, easy to use and clean.

For both male and female foley catheterization training.

use it to teach:

  • correct handling of male and female anatomy

  • urinary catheterization

  • aseptic catheterization techniques

main features


made using real data

Our catheterization trainer was designed using photogrammetry scans.

hand-made with attention to details

To make our catheterization trainer, we used very soft, prosthetic grade silicone.

fluid feedback

There is a visible fluid feedback after successful foley catheter insertion.

swappable genitals

Both male and female genital inserts. easy and quick to swap.

soft tissue

the silicone parts are very soft and realistic in touch.

simple build

All the task trainer parts can be easily replaced.


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