Decent models for medical training

Designed by us, made by you.

Medical task trainers

We are working on affordable task trainers that can be made using 3D printing and silicone casting alone.

Sales will start in January 2023

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For those who own a 3d printer

We send you our task trainer 3D files and all the silicone parts. You print the plastic ones.

Decent task trainers - basic version

For those who own a 3d printer and silicone resin

We provide a complete package of our 3D models, including molds and tools that we use for production plus all the instructions. You print them, use the printed parts to cast the silicone elements and assemble the trainers.

Decent task trainers - files

For those who still don’t own either

Our complete medical task trainers. Simple, learning objective oriented, easy to repair.

Sold with training equipment.

Decent task trainers - complete version

our models are perfect for use in low resource settings, self-directed learning and remote simulation

They have been designed with the help of doctors and paramedics. Updated countless times.

Tested in the USA, UK and Europe.