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 medical task trainers

designed by us, made by you

what we do

We design and make decent educational models. Educational models that are simple, affordable, learning objective-oriented and easy to repair.

All these models are made using 3D printing and silicone casting, and what is great about them - they can be easily replicated.

You can buy and print the same parts we use for production, and use them to make your own decent task trainers. For less than $80.


complete task trainers
(fully assembled trainers + equipment)


basic task trainers
(silicone parts only)


manufacturing files

our distributors






it is easier than you think

It is difficult to design a decent simulator. But to make it? It is much easier than you think.

The basic setup for task trainer manufacturing using 3D printing and silicone casting can cost under $1000. Budget 3D printers are getting cheaper, better and easier to use almost every day, and you need only minutes to start and finish the print - especially with our models, printed without supports and without the need for post-processing. And silicone is a safe, easy to use material (but please read its label/data sheet before casting).

We will provide you all the instructions you need to start.

our models are perfect for the use in low resource settings, self-directed learning and remote simulation

They have been designed with the help of medical professionals. Updated countless times. Tested in the United States, United Kingdom and Europe.

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