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airway management task trainer


1. Assembly and disassembly

2. use

Recommended equipment sizes


  • 6.0mm ID for nasal intubation

  • 7.0mm ID for oral intubation

  • Sizes 3 for LMA laryngeal masks

  • Similar respective sizes for other supraglottic devices

Setup and maintenance


  • Please ensure two lungs are attached to the airway. Don't overtighten the screws.

  • Always lubricate the airway and the equipment prior to use. Silicone grease and water-based lubricants (like optilube) work well.

  • Store in clean, dry conditions away from heat and direct sunlight; avoid contact with metals, solvents, oils or greases, and strong detergents. When the product is not in use please store it in the carrier case provided.

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