New moulage tools.

I have created ten different shapes of flat prosthetic molds. The blank models (with skin texture only) have been uploaded to wetransfer folder (https://portals.wetransfer.com/portals/aa88c42b-61c3-481c-8443-f69d14d05497/reviews/68ebf937-65a5-4a43-9193-691f12c9191c)- everyone that knows a little bit of Blender (free 3D modelling software) can play with them and sculpt their own pieces. I will also regularly upload my designs. Here are three different wounds that I have made today - bullet, scrape & bite wounds (https://portals.wetransfer.com/portals/aa88c42b-61c3-481c-8443-f69d14d05497/reviews/55d0f757-0a29-4998-bc36-8d9a5c02975d).