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manufacturing files

our production molds

If you have access to a 3D printer and silicone, you can easily replicate any of our task trainers. We provide the files for the molds in the manufacturing files section of our store, which are identical to the ones we use for production.

easy to print

Each model that we provide has been designed specifically for 3D printing. You don't need to worry about using support structures or doing any extra work after printing. We have already set up the model for you, including the orientation on the build plate, you can print it even with default settings. It is as easy as that.

easy to use

We always try to make our molds as easy and quick to use as possible. We work with them every day and regularly update them to improve their efficiency.

video instructions

We provide video instructions with each mold, guiding you through every step of the silicone casting process. You'll learn how to use the mold effectively, and gain a comprehensive understanding of the process.

repair needed? no problem!

Creating your own task trainers offers the advantage of easy maintenance. In case of damage to any parts, you can quickly make a replacement.

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