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about our complete range

In our complete range, you will find our fully assembled clinical skills trainers, with all the accessories, spare parts, and equipment. They are ready to be used out of the box.


All the models we produce are of the highest quality. Each part of our trainers is carefully inspected and every unit is thoroughly tested before shipping.

the materials we use

We use only the highest-quality materials available on the market. Our prosthetic-grade silicone closely mimics human skin, providing a realistic training experience.


We went through multiple iterations, extensive testing, and research to choose the right materials. Our goal was to create functional, durable, and safe products, and we're confident that our choices resulted in the best possible experience for our customers.


At our company, we don't just design and manufacture task trainers - we use them every day. By doing so, we are able to identify areas where additional parts or improvements are needed to facilitate smoother training sessions.

We have added a range of additional parts to help our customers train more efficiently. These include much-needed spare parts, but also things like silicone pads to help contain the mess, or highly absorbent cleaning cloths for quick and easy cleanup.

When you purchase one of our task trainers, all you need to provide is either water or simulated blood (depending on the specific trainer) - everything else is included to ensure a seamless and effective training experience.

quality check

We take the quality of our task trainers very seriously - each one undergoes a standardized quality check before leaving our company.


During this process, we inspect each plastic part for dimensional accuracy, surface finish, warps, and debris. Our silicone elements are subject to thorough cleaning and careful trimming, ensuring that they are in top condition before assembly. Once assembled, each task trainer goes through a functional check to ensure that all elements are working correctly and that the trainer is fully functional.

We are confident that every task trainer leaving our company is of the highest quality and in excellent working order.

3d models of plastic parts

Each complete task trainer kit comes with a USB containing the 3D models of all the plastic parts, prepared for 3D printing. If any plastic element becomes damaged, repairing it is a straightforward process that can be completed in just a few hours by printing a replacement part. We are not saying that the parts are easy to break though, quite the contrary - we conduct regular mechanical tests to ensure that each model is as durable as possible.

>Worried about the durability?
We will replace any damaged parts - read more about our repair or replace warranty

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