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about our basic range

We offer task trainer models at a lower cost for customers and institutions with a 3D printer. After purchasing the basic trainer, we send all the necessary 3D files for the plastic parts via email and ship the silicone parts to you. All you need to do is to assemble the trainer.

Printing and assembling the trainer yourself can save you money compared to buying a complete trainer. Plus, having the 3D files makes it easy to update, repair, or replace any parts as needed.

our 3d models

We understand that not everyone has advanced skills in 3D printing, which is why we designed each 3D model with ease of use in mind. Our models are optimized for simple printing with default Slicer settings, and require no additional supports or post-processing.

To ensure that you can confidently print our elements before purchasing them, try out our sample files which can be downloaded from our website:

Once you purchase a task trainer from our basic range, we will send you the 3D models containing the trainer's plastic parts to a provided email within 24 hours.

silicone parts

To make our parts we use only high-quality prosthetic-grade silicone. Through rigorous testing, we have identified vulnerable areas and reinforced them with power mesh. Before sending the parts to you, we check each of them for quality, assembly, and functionality. Once you buy a basic task trainer from us, we will ship the silicone parts to your address.


Assemblying our models is straightforward, and you'll find it easier than you might expect. Even our most complex models can be assembled in under 5 minutes.

repair needed? no problem!

Our models are tough and durable, but accidents happen. If any plastic parts get damaged, you can print a replacement on the same day within a few hours.

>Worried about the durability?
We will replace any damaged parts - read more about our repair or replace warranty

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